Then why are you even taking this test? Besides you can be a nerd about other things anyway so maybe you should just stop being judgemental eh? Maybe she'd even start to play games if you introduced them to her and don't act like a dick about it!\n\n<html><center><img src=""></center></html>\n\n[[End|no4]]
Does she play video games? \n\n[[Yes|yes]]\n[[No|no]]
<html><center><img src=""></center></html>\nWorried a girl you know might be a fake gamer? A faux geek? A "gurrlll gaaamerrr" rather than a girl who plays video games?\n\nIs there a girl you know that you suspect may only be in to Farmville? Does she not "look like a gamer"? Does she only play (insert games you don't respect here), but not whatever games you think "real" gamers play? \n\nNow here's a helpful test that will let you figure out who is just preying on pop culture, and who is a real nerd!\n\n//Obviously, this test is just for those of you who are automatically suspicious of women and girls being fakers, and need them to prove that they are nerdy enough.//\n\n[[Begin.|next]]
Zoe Quinn
<html><center><img src="">\n<br><img src=""</center></html>\n\nPlease don't drive people away from our medium. There's room here for everyone, and try not to be too judgemental about how other people enjoy things.\n\nThanks for playing! \n\
Fake Nerd Girl Detector
Ok so she plays games. Does she ONLY play games that are social or casual?\n\n[[Yes|yes2]]\n[[No|no2]]
<html><center><img src=""></center></html>\n\nThis will literally never have anything to do with videogames. \n\n[[End|no4]]
Is she "too pretty" to be a gamer, by your standards?\n\n[[Yes|yes4]]\n[[No|no4]]
<html><center><img src=""></center></html>\n\nMaybe you shouldn't judge others about this. Games are games even if you don't like them.\n\n[[End.|no4]]\n
Does she have encyclopedic knowledge of any random games you bring up? Has she played all of the games you can think of?\n\n[[Yes.|yes3]]\n[[No.|no3]]
<html><center> <img src=""></center></html>\n\nIf you are a jerk to someone who is new to games or doesn't know anything, you are part of the reason games have a bad reputation. \n\n[[End.|no4]]