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Dating Sim Episode 1: Realistic Relationship Simulator

Part One in a Series on Dating Sims.
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Dating Simulators are probably the least accurate or realistic things to be referred to as "simulators", which usually refers to something trying to accurately mimic it's subject matter. Even the early Microsoft flight simulators did this, feeling complicated and impossible to my 12 year old brain. Dating sims, however, are rife with catgirls, dubious consent, and a variety of other oddities. Well, why not try a different angle? Possibly one less anime?

One of the things that I've yet to see done is what happens after the main character chooses and woos the person of their choice. What of all the rest of the things that really makes dating dating?

This game is a completely 100% serious exploration of that subject.

Game Details

Release Date :Jan 9th 2014

Role(s) : Everything

Website : External Link